Strange Behavior

by Restorations

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Recorded and engineered by Joe Reinart, and mixed by Kyle Pulley at The Headroom in Philadelphia. Mastered by Ryan Schwabe.


released May 4, 2010



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Restorations Philadelphia

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Track Name: Title Track
i was out back listening to the neighbors
yell about the rent and unpaid favors
such strange strange behavior
to behave like strangers

like the leaves
like the passing sounds
one by one
until no ones around

and you could feel it in the fog
the death of the longest fall
such strange strange behavior
to be here at all

like the highways
in this crumbling town
one by one
until there's none

to the birds leaving the wires
to the lights turning off in the downtown
finding no answer

theres no answer here
Track Name: Linear notes
He says "i don't think you understand, man.
I'm leaving I'm making my plans.
Away from these filthy rotting walls.
Away from the reach of god damned city hall"

I've been hearing these words in my sleep
I've been seeing these words in my dreams

He says "you know this place don't sound quite right to me"
I snapped back "this sounds like everywhere right now"
Says he's heard stories of greater grander grandeur out there
That there's bigger, better than these beggars could hope to measure

I've been spinning these circles
Listening for answers
But the answers dont speak up
With the questions so loud

And this is what we get for
Listening to the same lines countless times

"Can you turn that up a little louder?"
He's screaming from the fire escape
He says "I think something changed out here tonight"
As I make my way outside

And now its pouring out my eyes
What day, what time
And now i'm pouring out my lies
Oh, where have we been?

I've been hearing these words on repeat
I've been seeing these words in my sleep
Track Name: The Reappearing American Hobo
She was just sitting there,
Lost like a dollar in a game of roulette,
sitting next to all the fancy chips.

I said, “hey, I can sympathize.”
But I was really just acting the part.
She closed the book and conversation in one move,
saying, “no, man, you really can’t.”

And how much can you get
for a dollar and some cents?
We can ask for pardons when
the mayor calls it in.

Then she turned away and said:
“I hope you never live to see the days I had,
huddled for warmth inside a bin.”

And then I looked away and said
absolutely nothing, just thought instead.
How good I’d always had it, who I’d been.

I called her bluff but then she went all in.

And to think it at started when I said I didn’t like Kerouac.
Track Name: Documents
In '45 I was invincible
I was made of Iron and Stone

The decades wait with mistakes, mistakes, mistakes
Regret's a funny thing

I can feel it crawling through my bones

Your mother always thought everything I wrought was a higher power's fault

By 1975 I was under water
I was made of Steel and Glass

I can feel it crawling through my bones